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We don't charge Taxes or Fees


We don't charge taxes or fees


We don't charge taxes or fees

People ask us every day about the difference between the cell phone and satellite data plans and ours.  Here are a few things you need to understand about internet packages:

  • Internet speed is measured in mega-bits per second, and will be written out as Mbps.  A full Gigabit per second speed is written as Gbps.

  • Internet data packages (that are metered) are measured in giga-bites, and will be written out as GB.  THIS IS VERY MISLEADING FOR CONSUMERS, AND OFTEN CONFUSED WITH THE GIGA-BIT SPEED (like Wayvz Tech now offers).

  • All of Wayvz Tech's packages include completely unlimited data, no matter which speed you choose.  We do not meter your usage, nor slow you down after using a certain amount of data

  • One more issue to be careful of is addition of taxes and fees.  The State of Missouri does not require us to charge tax on internet service, so we don't but other providers do.  Wayvz Tech never adds on additional fees either.  Check any bill from other providers, and see if they do.

Now choose the speed that best suits your needs, and let us "Put the world at your fingertips".