Family Time

With basic internet packages up to 50Mbps at your home, you can spend quality time with your family streaming video, surfing the web, learning, researching, lisitening to music or playing games.

Save money, enhance your relationships and enjoy your time together with Wayvz Tech's lightening fast internet at your home.

Business Growth

Whether you're working from home, expanding your company or launching your first entrepreneurial endeavor, Wayvz Tech provides you with the fastest and most dependable internet in the area. With the dynamics of the typical office now focusing on a broad range of locations, businesses are searching for options.  Call us today to discuss your ideas and needs.  

Grow your business without breaking your budget by choosing Wayvz Tech to be your internet provider.

Committed to Education

High speed internet gives you access to information for doing homework, research or attending an online University to get an advanced degree that will help you land your dream job.

Knowledge is the most valuable asset we have, so expand your ability to learn with unlimited high speed internet from Wayvz Tech.

Wayvz Tech offers speeds up to a full Gigabit for local schools at prices that will make any administrator happy.